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PonukaHliníkové stoličky LUXURY Cateringové (Banketové) stoličky BLE 100

EXCLUSIVE LINE is a unique series of banquet chairs of the highest quality and prestigious design!

A chair is built on the basis of very light and durable aluminum frame with outstanding performance characteristics.

PRESTIGE LINE is synonymous with luxury and unique style. Carefully selected components make this line a real gem in the collection of our banqueting chairs.

EXCLUSIVE line allows you to choose: profile shape, color, frame, seat shape, type and color of the upholstery, seat shape, hardness and profiling seat interior. 
This chairs line is for whom it is important to not only high quality but luxurious design.
Completing the line is a wide range of accessories such as child seats, fittings or embroidered logo chairs emphasizing even more unique style EXCLUSIVE line.

Chairs of this line will give the class, luxury and originality of every party! Banquet Chairs EXCLUSIVE series are also designed for easy stacking and very practical!

We also offer special trucks for rapid transportation of chairs!


  • The possibility of individual configuration of the original, prestigious chair
  • The highest quality upholstery in a wide range of colors
  • A wide palette of colors framework,
  • Quality aluminum frame for lightweight while maintaining high stability and durability at every banquet chairs!
  • Reliable and high quality
  • A special seat of the insert-molded with the addition of a bactericide
  • A choice seat profiling for increased seating comfort
  • Foot floor to prevent drawing in a variety of colors,
  • Chairs stackable up to 18 units - saving space and time!
  • Quick and easy transportation by special trucks
  • Special three-layer coating to prevent scratches and frame damage!
  • 3 year warranty

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